A market-driven healthcare payment system enabling predictable prices for employers and revenues for providers

The Problems We Seek to Solve


Today, the healthcare industry offers many procedures, therapies and services that are documented by disparate choices from among an expansive array of diagnosis and treatment codes.

The unique coding choices made by each provider or insurer for equivalent types of healthcare results in wide swings in reimbursement for similar services.

This variation makes “apples to apples” pricing, payment and quality comparisons difficult and time consuming.

Opaque pricing has a negative effect on purchasers’ and providers’ financial performance, patient satisfaction, and productivity.

The problems for which we offer solutions are:

  1. Lack of price transparency and open competition to offer services
  2. Wide price variations for similar healthcare services
  3. Ever narrowing healthcare provider networks
  4. Inconsistent metrics for clinical outcomes, provider performance and service quality
  5. Unpredictable and excessive medical loss ratios
  6. Deadweight transaction costs

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