How It Works

Purchasers and Providers buy and sell SBPCs™ directly,
focusing on clinical quality and price

Standardized Bundled Payment ContractsTM enable employers and insurers to solicit proposals for healthcare services that include all components of an episode of care. By standardizing the terms and conditions, proposals are exchanged between healthcare service providers and prices can be compared.

SBPCsTM reside on a multi-lateral exchange. This electronic marketplace allows employers and insurers to request contract proposals. Similarly, employers and insurers view, in one location, those providers offering healthcare services at a specified location, for a stated price. Since the price is associated with a standardized contract, comparison shopping is competitive and straightforward. The platform displays terms and conditions so there is clarity regarding what healthcare services are being bought and sold.

Employers and insurers deal with providers they have designated in advance.

Providers select the counterparties with whom they wish to negotiate.

When agreement is reached, the employer/insurer and provider are ready to do business.