Q: What are Standardized Bundled Payment Contracts – SBPCs™?

A: SBPC™ are bundled payment contracts – mandated under the Affordable Care Act – that create a novel, productive way for employers, insurers, and hospitals to purchase and sell healthcare services while managing their budgets and protecting against price fluctuations or payment risks.


Q: Why are SBPCs™ relevant?

A:  HCFEx provides financial predictability for payers and providers by offering SBPCs™ on the Health Care Financial Exchange Inc. platform.


Q: How can I participate?

A: HCFEx is signing up thought leaders in both the payer and provider communities. Please email info@hcfex.com.


Q: What role does Health Care Financial Exchange Inc. (HCFEx) have?

A: HCFEx makes SBPCs™ available for buying, selling, or exchanging among an agreed upon network of providers and self-insured employers that wish to do business under pre-defined and mutually accepted terms and conditions.


Q: The Affordable Care Act will be repealed by the new administration and with it bundled payments?

A: The section that addresses value based healthcare has bipartisan support and is expected to survive, should the ACA be repealed.


Q: What if my hospital is not ready for bundled payments?

A: There are several excellent service providers, ready to assist in this important change process.


Q: How do SBPCs™ benefit me?

A: Depending on if you’re an employer or an insurer, SBPCs™ provide you with cost predictability, competitive pricing and network expansion.

If you’re a provider, you’ll have revenue predictability, network expansion and you can right size demand.

Last but certainly not least, a patient will benefit greater access to providers as well as an ability to choose providers based on quality metrics rather than coverag.e