Our Services


  • Standardized terms and conditions
  • Between a purchaser and a provider
  • Designated, coordinated procedures, treatments and / or services (i.e. bundled healthcare services)
  • Buyer of a contract may subsequently resell to another buyer
  • Only term to be negotiated is price
  • Contract is comprised of description of the medical care and services and contractual terms and warranties


  • Electronic platform
  • Exclusive access by accepted participants (payers and providers)
  • Option to review contracts
  • Option to create offer to sell and to create bid to buy
  • Automatic real-time inventory management
  • Platform confirms transactions and payments

HCFEx is working with employers, insurers, and healthcare providers to create bilateral contracts (Standardized Bundled Payment ContractsTM). These contracts include an agreed-upon set of services offered at a market driven price that insulates against price, revenue and expenditure volatility. Specifically, for a segment of the population, SBPCsTM enable market competition and transparency by establishing predictable and reliable prices for various procedures, therapies and services, delivered within a particular geographic location. These contracts enable uniformity of services and higher standards of care along with sound fiscal management, thereby improving productivity and enhancing employee healthcare choices.