Health Care Financial Exchange Inc.

Health Care Financial Exchange Inc. offers Standardized Bundled Payment ContractsTM (SBPCsTM). These contracts apply time tested, financial market mechanisms to create a novel, productive way for employers, insurers, and providers to purchase and sell healthcare services while managing their budgets and protecting against price fluctuations or payment risks.

SBPCsTM are medical care contracts with standardized terms and conditions that specify comprehensive payment for procedures, conditions, or services, for delivery within a particular time period, at an agreed upon location or geography, for an agreed upon price, and coupled to a set of risk-adjusted, patient-centric outcomes.

Health Care Financial Exchange Inc. makes SBPCsTM available for buying, selling, or exchanging among a network of providers and self-insured employers that wish to do business under pre-defined and mutually accepted terms and conditions.


Achieve market-driven, price transparency for coordinated medical services through Standardized Bundled Payment ContractsTM that are bought and sold by purchasers and providers on an open exchange.

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